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Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy are brief therapies. This means that solutions are developed in a few sessions with your psychologist, Isabel Jansen.

As a behavioural psychologist, I practice brief therapies such as behavioural and cognitive therapy and hypnosis. These techniques are aimed at finding solutions quickly compared to longer treatments.

What is behavioural and cognitive therapy?

Also known as cognitive behavioural therapy, or CBT, this brief approach is particularly applicable in phobias and anxiety disorders. However, over time, the practice has been extended to other conditions, such as personality disorders, depression, or schizophrenia. Thus, I use behavioural and cognitive therapy to address your difficulties with assertiveness, stress management, depression, eating and behavioural disorders.

The goal of this therapy

During behavioural and cognitive therapy, the patient will learn how to change their behaviour, implementing new and more appropriate strategies. To do this, I use techniques that allow me to attack the problem at its source. In doing so, the goal is to dialogue and interact with the patient in a more dynamic way to find a solution and modify in the long term their behaviour and maladaptive reflexes.

CBT is an effective method to address phobias, anxiety and eating, behavioural and depressive disorders, which are among my areas of expertise.

The benefits of behavioural and cognitive therapy :

  • Patient Involvement
  • Dynamic interaction
  • Thoughtful solutions

Located in Fontenay-sous-Bois, several patients travel from Montreuil or Vincennes to consult psychologist Isabel Jansen.